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Sk-6C80DH Series

HD infrared network speed dome camera Products

HD integrated camera function

• Use 1/3 "CMOS senser, image clarity, illumination environment perfectly
• 20 x optical zoom, f = 4.7mm ~ 94mm (F1.4to2.6)
• Support for automatic white balance function, color reproduction and high functionality with automatic electronic gain, can achieve the effect of adaptive brightness,
• Support for wide dynamic, image 2D noise reduction function, the perfect day / night picture show
• Maximum resolution up to 1280 × 960

Network functions

• H.264 video encoding, high compression ratio High profile 4.0 grade
• Supports Ethernet control
• via IE browser and client software to view the image and achieve control
• Support multi-level user rights management
• Support for multiple network protocols: IPv4/IPv6, HTTP, Qos, FTP, SMTP, UPnP, SNMP,
• Support dual-stream technology, stream 0.1M ~ 6Mpbs adjustable
• Dahua protocol, compatible with SONY VISCA protocol
• Support for the latest ONVIF

System Functions

• Built-in thermal equilibrium processing device, effectively prevent the ball inside the hood fog
• Adopt Aggreko optical dome, light is good, no distortion
• IP66 totally enclosed dustproof, waterproof grade, TVS4000V lightning, anti-surge and anti-surge protection
• Multi-bearing structure design greatly extend the life of innovation
• Support in the field through the communication bus of the ball machine program for online upgrades, lower maintenance costs, convenient
• Support for three-dimensional intelligent positioning function, enabling click tracking and amplification

Infrared Function

• Integrated lens design to reduce the infrared light on the ball inside the reflection and refraction losses, enhance infrared effects of more than 10%
• Aluminum rapid cooling integrated structural design, durable, light board directly through the high thermal grease heat through the metal housing
• Infrared light circular layout, circular light field more uniform fill light, low beam switch can be set in multiples
• light board with high thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity ≥ 2.0W/.MK) aluminum plate, faster heat conduction, greatly extending the life of infrared light
• Adopt constant current - constant voltage driver circuit and PWM pulse width modulation control circuit design to ensure long term stability infrared light
• IDS Intelligent dimming system, according to the magnification, distance, and intelligently adjusts screen brightness infrared lamp brightness to achieve the desired image effects
• Independent MCU infrared control system, the flexibility to set a variety of infrared mode, remote upgrade system configuration
• Infrared illumination lamp output power and 10 adjustable opening, to meet the monitoring requirements of the target brightness at different distances
• Infrared light control and synchronous switching one machine filters to achieve the perfect effect of infrared night vision



HD infrared network speed dome camera Product Size



HD infrared network speed dome camera application scenarios

It can be widely used in large-scale high-speed monitoring needs no light and low light areas, such as: rivers, forests, roads, railways, airports, ports, sentry, squares,
Parks, scenic areas, streets, railway stations, large venues, cell periphery and other places.



HD infrared network speed dome camera parameters


Parameters / Model

 SK-6C80DH-20X 130 million pixel high-definition infrared network speed dome camera

Image sensor

1/3”CMOS senser

Effective Pixels


Day and night mode

 Auto / Manual

Minimum illumination

 Color: 0.05Lux @ F1.4, B & W: 0.005Lux @ F1.4

Video Output

 Digital signal

Focus Mode

 Automatic / manual / one-time autofocus

White Balance

 Auto / Manual / tracking / Outdoor / Indoor / Outdoor Auto / sodium Auto / sodium

Gain Control

 Auto / Manual


 More than 50dB



Focal length

 20x optical zoom, f = 4.7mm ~ 94mm (F1.4to2.6)

Zoom speed

 Greater than 2.3 seconds (optical, near focus - Tele)

Horizontal viewing angle

 54.1-3.2 degrees (near focus - Tele)

Minimum focus distance

 100mm ~ 1000mm (near focus ~ Tele)



Network Interface

 10M/100M network data


Maximum image size


Frame Rate


Video Compression

 H.264Baseline/H.264Main profile/H.264High profile / M-JPEG

Electronic Shutter

 Supports automatic electronic shutter (1/1 to 1/30, 000 seconds), Manual electronic shutter (1/1 to 1/30, 000 sec.)

Network protocol


The number of simultaneous users

 Up to 6



SD card

 Manual recording / alarm recording; supports SD / SDHC card (maximum support 32G)

User rights

 Sub-3: Administrator, Operator, and can only view

Horizontal rotation range

 360 ° continuous rotation

Horizontal speed manual


The vertical swivel range

 -5 ~ 92 ° (support auto-flip, to ensure the continuity of monitoring)

Vertical speed manual


Preset maximum speed


Automatic mode

 Preset / preset cruise / horizontal scan / auto scan / mode path / then scan

Schema path

 4, the total recording time greater than 10 minutes, or 1000 instructions

Guard function

 Preset / preset cruise / horizontal scan / auto scan / mode path / then scan

Time to start

 Preset / preset cruise / horizontal scan / auto scan / mode path / then scan

Deceleration ratio

 Human focal length / speed automatic matching (telephoto limit)

Work Environment

 -20 ℃ ~ +65 ℃, <90% RH non-condensing

Protection class

 IP66 fully enclosed dust-proof, waterproof grade, TVS4000V lightning, anti-surge and anti-surge protection

Power supply

 DC12V ± 10% 4A (optional AC24V)


40W MAX          

Color / Material

 White / aluminum




Approximately 5.1kg


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