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The problem of infrared surveillance cameras in practical application

Focal shift problem

Visible and infrared light due to the different wavelengths, the imaging focus not on the same plane, resulting in a day under the condition of visible light image is clear, and the night light conditions at night or under the condition of fuzzy, infrared image is clear, the day under the condition of visible light image blur. Can be solved in three ways. First, the auto-focus camera; second, using IR special focus is not offset by adjusting the lens; third, professional tools, also can be in the existing conditions can't offset lens.

Question of color

The black and white camera all induction infrared. Infrared light in the visible light conditions for color video camera is a stray light, reduces color camera resolution and color reduction, filter color camera is prevented in imaging infrared. In order to make the color camera induction infrared now has two ways, first, the optical, under visible light from the infrared to enter; open filter in the absence of visible light under, the infrared image quality into, this solution is good, but the cost is high and the switching mechanism will lead to a certain failure rate. Second, open a specific infrared channel in the filter, allowing the same and infrared wavelength of infrared light, this method does not increase the cost, but the color is slightly worse.

The sensitivity of the issue

Surveillance camera sensitivity is the key part of infrared night vision monitoring. The sensitivity of infrared induction ability better, stronger. Of course, surveillance camera price sensitivity is also more expensive. Generally speaking, infrared night vision system within 50 meters, surveillance camera using 0.1 lux is quite good; surveillance camera 50 meters to 100 meters range of night vision system should be the choice of 0.01 lux; night vision system is more than 100 meters should be used to monitor more than 0.001 lux camera. Of course, with higher sensitivity, surveillance camera prices have larger increases.

Of course, like many other products, surveillance camera virtual standard indicators of the phenomenon is especially serious. I once took a surveillance camera a 0.1 lux surveillance cameras and a nominal 0.0001 lux for comparison, the latter was better than the former. Surveillance camera manufacturers more, artificially high signal intensity, the sensitivity is very good, but the poor signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in the night "snowflake" many image.

The problem of distance

One hundred people to do infrared products will have one hundred infrared night vision distance criteria. I think we should take the customer as the standard application. What is the customer's standard is to see what people?! "the visual distance", "distance", these uncertain statement is ambiguous. The match between the surveillance cameras, lenses of different grades of the same light, for light induction infrared light emitted degree may vary many times, the visual distance can also be a lot of difference. Therefore, a light lamp specifically as is the number of meters is not very scientific. An infrared range, only with defined quality monitoring cameras and lenses to match to determine the effect of distance. Also, because the application environment is different, the effect will be quite different, it is best left a certain margin.

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